Revitalise Your Sovereignty
Create a life that fulfils your needs and live it on your terms
Feel empowered, connected, confident and courageous to live life on your own terms

Serve Your Soul


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson


The number one regret of the dying is they wish they’d had the courage to live a life true to themselves and not the life other’s expected of them.

Don’t put your life on hold so others can be happy while you’re dying inside.

It’s frickin hard to know who you really are in a world that constantly bombards us with rules, regulations, expectations, obligations, ‘shoulds,’ ‘ought tos,’ and ‘have tos,’ we feel compelled to live up to.

The past few years has exacerbated peoples doubt in themselves. Many have compromised what matters most to them in order to please others and fit in – losing touch with who they are and what they really want out of life


The chaos and confusion has created a powerful shift of consciousness and a desire for radical change.

You know there’s more to life than you’re currently experiencing. You want change, but it can be scary, especially if you’ve no idea where to start and are quite likely shitting yourself about doing it

Don’t waste any more time wondering

Life is too precious

Join me on a journey to Revitalise your Sovereignty and create a personalised charter to help you find your way True North

Transcend perceived limitations


  • Feelings of unworthiness, being self-conscious, feeling unappreciated, small or even insignificant
  • Lack of belief in yourself, energy, direction, motivation and confidence to speak up, express your needs or do what you want
  • A sense of hopelessness having given up on your dreams – if you can even remember the ones you once had
  • The need to ask others for validation and permission
  • Perpetually tending to others needs before yourself

Serve Your Sovereign Self


  • Connect, direct and project your energy in ways that fulfil your needs and serve the greater good of all
  • Gain total trust and belief in yourself
  • Realise a deep knowing and whole hearted appreciation of your value and significance
  • Feel enthused with desire to fully engage in life
  • Rediscover your dreams and retrieve the confidence to pursue them
  • Feel confident to speak your truth
  • Feel able to ask and receive help from others
  • Empowered to put your own needs first and say no when you want to
  • Have peace and clarity of mind
Revitalise Your Sovereignty
Feel empowered, connected, confident and courageous to live life on your own terms
Live Learning
Weekly recorded zoom calls that give you the opportunity to learn the material and ask questions as you progress through the module. Weekly assignments to help you integrate what you learn and track your progress.
Caring Community
Private facebook group to share your experiences and benefit from a supportive community who’re on the same journey as yourself.
Unconditional support on your transformational journey via zoom, facebook lives, emails, and private messages to strengthen your ability to revitalise your life

Module #1 - Energy

• An introduction into how our senses help us make sense of the world and our place in it with tools to find and heighten your awareness. Discover the different energetic states and how they align with the Laws of Nature and your own flow of energy to help you understand how our external world affects our internal state of being.

Module #2 - Value

Fine tune your personal values and discover how they support the different glands within the endocrine system to enhance your wellbeing. An introduction to the value system to build your motivation and take the stress out of decision making.

Module #3 - Nourish

Discover the first four of the seven areas of life that nourish the endocrine system and how you can begin building a reservoir of ways to boost your wellbeing.

Module #4 - Nurture

Unleashing the final 3 areas of life that provide a wellspring of ways to nurture, enrich and enhance your confidence and enthusiasm to fully engage in life with a renewed sense of fulfilment.
What People Say
Wow, Philippa is so down to earth and has some real pearls of wisdom that are easy to relate to
Tania, USA

My self confidence has really improved and I now know why being true to myself impacts my health on so many levels
Fiona, UK

I feel so much more connected to myself and aware of what affects my confidence. I've even given myself permission to say 'No' on more than one occasion.'
Jen, Northland, NZ

Hi - my name is Philippa Ross
Human Ecologist & Enthusiologist
I have a wealth of wisdom to share founded on 60+ years of living, half of which I’ve dedicated to studying psychology, quantum science and the environment. I have an ardent desire to reduce the waste of our natural resources – human potential and our environment. My mission is to connect people to the energetic source within themselves – what I deem to be their innate intelligence; so they understand the depth of their own value and have the courage and confidence to grab life by the balls and have a seriously good time while they have the privilege of living.
What makes me eligible to help you – well as the saying goes, ‘I’ve been there, done that and now got the t-shirt – in fact, I have a wardrobe full of them in every conceivable colour. My personal journey has been peppered with failures, fuck ups and faux pas which have given me a greater understanding of who I am, what’s important to me and why I now love every part of whom I am – especially the so called flaws.
There was a time when I felt small and insignificant because of my inability to live up to societal measures. Now I feel an immense sense of inner peace having ditched the man-made measure of who I should be.Today I have peace of mind and an abundance of confidence about the choices I make on a path I’ve carved because I know it serves me and the greater good.
Discover your authentic true self
Feel empowered, connected, confident and courageous to live life on your own terms
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